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                Di methyl adipate (DMA)
                Diethyl adipate (DEA)
                Di isopropyl Adipate (DIPA)
                Di-n-hexyl adipate(DHA)
                Di ethyl Sebacate (DES)
                Di isopropyl Sebacate (DIPS
                Mono methyl adipate (MMA)
                Monoethyl adipate (MEA)
                Monomethyl sebacate(MMS)

      Monoethyl adipate (MEA)

      1, Structure formula:HOOC-(CH2)4-COOC2H5
      2, Molecular formula:C8H14O4 
      3, Molecular weight:174 
      4, CAS No.: 626-86-8

      Properties and uses
      This product is white or light pink crystalline solid at room temperature. Boiling point (760mmHg): 285℃, melting point: 28¡«29, Refractive index : n20D1.4390, relative density (20/4): 0.986. The product can be solved in organic solvents as alcohol, ether etc., insoluble in water.
      This product is used as intermediates in organic synthesis. 

      Quality standard

      Index name
      Appearance white or light pink translucent solid
      at room temperature
      Chroma:APHA ≤ 150 melted
      Purity:(%) ≥
      Melting point:  27¡«28  
      Content of adipic acid: % ≤ 2  

      Packing and Shipment 
      200L plastic drum , Net wt. 200Kg. normal chemicals, Kept in cool and dry place .

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